Sunday, December 12, 2010

Style Exploration for EFX Style

Tried some effects for the film. I have to make a few more for the design package.

Style Exploration for Character Style

So here are some of the Concepts I did for character designs. I have a lot more but these are the best of the bunch. There are designs for the main character and secondary character and villain.
Early Nimbus Design

Cloud People

Cloud People


Graffiti Nimbus

Graffiti Nimbus

Smog creature: I was going for something urban, not sure if you see it or not.

Other Villains that never made it.

Style Exploration for Layout Style

So here are some exploration for film design. I was going for graffiti. It was fun but I don't think this is the direction the film is taking. O well I will be working on some other stuff.


So here is a layout piece for class. I sort of based the colour palette off my parents' kitchen.