Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bata Dome: OC 1 year 2011

Working on my digital painting technique so I'm doing OCs. There are some things I still want to fix but I'll leave it for now. Gonna get started on the next piece.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bata Dome WIP: OC challenge 2011

So I stared working on this one today, but sadly I misplaced and can't finish it right now without risking tendonitis. O well, I'll fix the shadows when I find it.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nutty Script

Gaia is a young girl that loves living in her personal forest. She realizes that one day that she has rested for too long and that it was a long time since she last planted trees. She picks up a bag of nuts, seeds and bulbs from and her tree trunk and heads off to the edge of the forest. Meanwhile there is a hungry squirrel named Dante and upon seeing Gaia follows her to see if she will give him food. Dante tries to get her attention but Gaia ignores him and turns away. She reaches the border and tosses a seed/nut up in the air but it heads in the wrong direction. She looks up to notice the bright sun beating down on her and she is really hot. She then gives up on planting trees and heads back into the forest because it is too hot outside. As she leaves she drops a nut and Dante picks it up curiously and tastes a nut for the first time. Dante becomes excited and follows Gaia. Gaia arrives at a lake and jumps in for a swim, leaving the bag by the lake unguarded. Dante rips open the bag an processed to excitedly runs around at high speed. Gaia climbs out of the water to find the bag empty and Dante holding the last nut. Gaia is about to punish him but then the nut that Gaia tossed earlier smacks her in the head and knocks her unconscious. The forest leaves fall and Dante feeling a little sorry for Gaia plants the last nut next to her. Gaia sleeps through until Spring, she wakes up to find a new sapling growing beside her. She gets up and heads towards the edge of the forest. There she finds several new saplings growing with Dante running around in a field of saplings.